General Information


Drop off Monday – Friday is at the Wynnum High School Hall – Peel Street, Manly

Doors Open at 8.15 am Monday – Friday

  • Kids who arrive after 9am may not be able to go on their activity. Please let us now as early as possible if you are running late as some activities may leave earlier than scheduled to compensate for traffic and other impacts to travel times.

Saturday Pool PArty is at Wynnum State Primary School 81 Boxgrove Avenue Wynnum

Doors open at 10am 


  • Be Summer Smart – We recommend kids bring a hat, drink bottle and apply sunscreen regularly. Wear rashies or a shirt when swimming.
  • Participants can bring their own lunch and snacks.
  • Lunch has been available in the past – however due to COVID we will NOT be running lunches in 2021. Lunch is able to be purchased from commercial vendors at some activities.  We will provide a list of activities where that is possible soon (ed 11/1 11am).


  • Activity bookings, changes and payment can be made online at anytime via your link.  However in 2021 there will be tighter timeframes on when changes need to be made by.  We are required to provide venues with basic attendee information for contact tracing and will have to work to their timeframes.  We will update the activities page with details as soon as possible.
  • Activities MUST be paid for in advance.


  • A canteen of drinks, chips and lollies is available onsite.
  • There is no smoking at Wynnum Wipeout.
  • Wynnum Wipeout is run by volunteers from the combined Local Churches of the Wynnum Manly area in conjunction with Scripture Union Qld. We talk about God sometimes!
  • You and your child will be asked to fill out a feedback survey at the end of Wipeout.
Daily Flow

Monday – Thursday

8.15am Doors Open Sign in, Rules, Presentations
9.30am Leave for Activity Full day and AM sessions
12.00pm AM Sessions returns Scheduled to arrive between
12pm 12.30pm
12.00pm Arrive for PM Session Sign in at registration table
At door or back of hall
12.30pm PM sessions Leave PM sessions only
4pm Full day and PM
Sessions Return
Kids can leave if approved by parent
Caregiver. Cricket inside hall
4.30pm All Kids leave hall Leaders will wait at front gate with
kids as required

Friday – Wet & Wild

8.15am Doors Open Sign in, Rules, Flow of Day
9.00am – 9.30am Leave for Wet and Wild Leave as close to 9am
as possible
6pm Return from Wet & Wild Buses aim to arrive at 6pm

Saturday – Pool Party

10am Doors Open Sign in, Rules, apply
sunscreen, get in pool
10am-2pm Waste hours watching leaders
attempt to get Chappy Greg
in the Pool.
It’s pointless
They try every year
He is too good for them
Approx 12pm Lunch
2pm Wipeout ends Go home and sleep