Every year a large number of people give their time, effort, money and experience to support the program. Every year it shows us how valuable the power of volunteers can be but also of the heart that people have for helping each other. We have a number of people and local churches that donate resources, time and money directly to the program so that it can be the success it has been since its inception in 1994.

We do everything we can to keep prices as low as possible so the program is as accessible as we can make it.  Donations help us to do that.  By covering costs such as food, transport or even activities we can ensure the most amount of kids possible get to experience Wynnum Wipeout.

Your support helps many families in our community to be able to send their kids to Wipeout for some low cost entertainment, something that they may never normally be able to afford.

The main cost we have on Wipeout is the transport. This costs around $4000 every year for the buses and fuel to get kids to and from activities. This itself is not the full cost because a lot of our Volunteer bus drivers donate the cost of fuel themselves to help us keep the costs down. Every dollar of this heart-felt giving is crucial to our program and I cannot thank enough those who are able to support the program in this way.

If you are able to give to the program to assist us in keeping prices low, or for further inquiries please contact us at

or donate directly by direct deposit to:

Direct Deposit Bank details
Scripture Union Queensland
BSB: 084 004
ACC: 833 694 350
Reference: 50105

Or Get Involved

We are always looking to grow our pool of volunteer leaders.  If you attend a local church in the Wynnum Manly area and would like to be involved as a leader on the program please email us at